Potter & Co is a Western Australian based company and was created from our sister company Potter Textiles. We focus on supplying high quality, beautiful linen to the Australian retail market. With a lack of fabric shops in WA we have developed and expanded our retail presence to encourage home sewing, in an industry where there are so many mass produced products. We appreciate the value of handmade garments and would love to inspired new and old home sewers to create unique pieces they cherish.

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Potter Textiles

Potter Textiles, our sister company, has been supplying fabric to the Australian and New Zealand fashion industry for over 20 years. Potters is truly a family business! The owner Simon Potter is the 5th generation POTTER to work in the textile/clothing industry. The photograph below is of his great grandfather's business on Fitzgerald Street, Northam WA from 1908 to 1920s. We have named our sister company in honour of this great history.

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Where Our Linen Comes From

Linen comes from the flax plant, which is a hardy plant that requires little water and few pesticides and fertilisers. Linen production has a long history in Europe, and most high quality flax comes from France and Belgium. Our Flax is sourced from France and Belgium and sent to China to be milled. Here it undergoes a process called retting, which is basically soaking the flax for a couple of weeks. Then it is spun and sent to our mills, where it is woven and dyed to our exclusively developed colours.  All of our linens then have an aero wash or antique wash, to soften for a beautiful drape.