Ethically sourced and environmentally friendly fabric has become more popular! More and more we have customers ask us, are our linens ethically sourced?

This is such a hard question to answer as what does it really mean… What factors make it ethical and environmentally friendly?

To try answer this question we have decided to write a blog on our philosophy behind producing, sourcing and selling our linens.. We will be releasing a monthly blog in our email Newsletters on the key points about why we think linen is a better choice ethically.

When Simon first started wholesaling under Potter Textiles, linen was one of the first cloths he started with. Over the years we have stocked many different types of fabrics that have gone in and out of fashion, but linen has remained a constant. In the last few years we have made a conscious decision to expand our linen range and specialise in the cloth. This has been due to the growing demand for natural fibers, but also our love for linen.

We try our best to ethically source all our fabrics but this can be tough when supply the Australian and New Zealand fashion traded. By sourcing and producing high quality linens, we believe the item the linen is made into with have longevity.

How we create high quality linens

_sourcing high quality flax yarn from Belgium and France. These areas are seen as producing the best quality flax yarn because of the water, climate, moisture, traditional methods and experience passed down through the generations.

_applying aero, stone and antique washes after production to create softer linen, that are not stiff and crisp.

_creating the perfect colour and working with mills that meet dye standards (will expand on this in a later blog)

This is just a brief introduction into our philosophy behind linen- please stay tuned each month for more…..

Sheona Cowden